Curry the Tanuki is on a quest to restore the power of transformation to his people, and protect his home from danger. A problem solver, Curry often gets in over his head, because he can’t stand to see anyone sad. It’s this hurdle that becomes his greatest obstacle on his quest, but also leads him to a greater reward-- connecting with people he’d never have met otherwise.

Curry is painfully earnest, and a bit naive. He’s a little bit of a fish out of water, but his moral compass always points true north.

Curry travels with his pet rhinocerous beetle Cera! This little bug buddy helps his pal go where only the tiniest can. Plus he's pretty strong for an insect!

WHOA! Now that's a classic. The Orange Manta is Curry's hand-me-down ride. He may have lost his ability to transform, but he can still get around with this beautiful flying whip.